Shiro Mizu Honyaki, Yanagi 360mm, Special Ebony handle


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This 360mm Yanagi knife is a “Shiro Mizu Honyaki”. Made of carbon steel, it is a knife of the highest quality with a sharpness that consistently provides the perfect slice. The handle has additional silver rings and a special embossed finishing.


「Blade Detail」

仕上げ: Mirror finished on both sides, Fine hand sharpened

鋼材: White steel #2

鍛冶師: Yoshikazu Ikeda (池田美和)

研師: Shimpei Ino (伊野信平)


「Handle detail」

Body: Ebony

Bolster and end cap: Staring silver

Silver rings: Tw0 embossed silver

Spacer : Ecru color corian


「Sheath detail」

Magnolia wood