White steel #1 Mizu-Honyaki Petty 150mm, Mammoth Fang handle


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This special Petty knife (Utility knife) is made by “White steel #1 Mizu Honyaki” blade which we usually make for build-to-order only.

For handle, we use mammoth fang. We are not purchasing new mammoth fang now and the petty knife is one of the final product using the material.

「Blade Detail」

Shape : Petty knife (Utility knife) 150mm

Finish: Mirror finished on both sides

Steel: White steel #1

Black Smith: Yoshikazu Ikeda (池田美和)

Sharpener: Shinpei Ino (伊野信平)


「Handle detail」

Material : Mammoth fang


「Sheath detail」

Magnolia wood